• A high heat transfer cell mount for Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) systems
  • The potential to double CPV module concentration ratios
  • Reimagining, redesigning, and revolutionizing the world’s relationship with energy

CPV Thermal Management

Solstice Power’s patent pending high heat transfer cell mount technology provides a valuable solution to Concentrated Photovoltaic systems. As concentration ratios are directly proportional to CPV costs, increasing CPV concentration can cut costs tremendously. Doing so however has historically caused detrimental issues due to overheating solar cells. This is caused by ineffective solar cell mounting technologies which are unable to deal with the high concentration loads needed to make CPV economical. Solstice Power’s cell mount solves this issue by allowing for drastically increased concentrations in excess of 2000×, and representing a huge leap in CPV technology development. Contact us to find out how Solstice Power’s solutions can help your business.

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