James Shomar

Chief Executive Officer

Shomar’s work experience includes time spent as a Test Engineer for Carrier Transicold on shipping container HVAC system and Saab Sensis on ground surface civilian airport radar system. Shomar also served as an Engineering Project Manager for Verizon Corp. overseeing a $40MM fiber optics project laying cables to all cell towers in Upstate NY to create 4G wireless internet access. Shomar holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University on full scholarship as an Entrepreneurship Engagement Fellow.


Griffin Kearney

Chief Technology Officer

Kearney is currently a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University. Kearney's expertise is focused within the realm of applied mathematics; specifically his research interests pertain to high dimensional optimization techniques with applications to control systems and networks. In the past, Kearney pursued research in the development and simulation of mathematical models to investigate fluid flows around jet engines. Additionally, Kearney spent two summers working for Northrop Grumman under a government contract to support the Ballistic Missile Defense Agency in Colorado Springs, CO. Kearney holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with dual minors in mathematics and physics, an M.S. in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering, and is pursuing an M.S. in Mathematics concurrently with his doctoral.

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